July 2017 - Latest on Caithness Moray HVDC £1.1bn undersea energy link…Dredger clears seabed for 100-mile power cables

• Rocks and boulders have now been cleared from the seabed to make way for the two new high voltage direct (HVDC) cables that are due to be laid between Caithness and Moray. This is the first in a series of big offshore works due to be carried out on the project.
• The route for the cable was cleared by the Siem Ruby dredger(above), which used a specialist subsea boulder clearance plough. The same vessel is currently being used to create a trench for the line.
• SSE’s Network link will be capable of carrying up to 1,200MW of electricity between Spittal in central Caithness and Blackhillock near Keith in Moray when it is up and running next year.