Core Values

Forging Strong Long Term Relationships

We focus on forging strong, long-term relationships with our clients, as we consider sound client relationships the most important contributor to our success. We cement these relationships by providing superior customer value and by continuously improving our performance.

Client Focus

We focus on understanding our clients’ long term strategies and immediate deliverables so that we can positively serve their needs. We succeed by supporting our clients’ successes. In essence, we embrace our clients’ challenges and opportunities and work for their success.

A Clear Sense of Team

We work closely as a team, irrespective of our diverse work location, to support the achievement of our client deliverables. This necessitates training, mentoring and ongoing communication to everyone in the business which is viewed by the Hargreaves Jones Board as essential to our client deliverables and ultimate business success.


We succeed by doing things the right way and always act with integrity. At times this may mean that we have to turn a commission down or inform a client of an unpalatable truth, but a principle only means something when upholding it may be painful. However, in the long term, our clients appreciate a consultancy that delivers sound and professional advice even when such advice may not be what they wanted to hear.


We earn and enhance our reputation by delivering superior value on every project that we undertake.


We are committed to getting the job done for our clients no matter what the circumstances. They trust us to deliver.